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Seniors are usually seen as tired ,and inactive people who should be in bed for most of the time.
A lot of people think that after their retirement,they should only be eating, sleeping and be expecting death to come.
This wrong mind set has been the usual practice in most homes in our country and has made a lot of retirees and seniors in their early sixties to be down with different conditions and die prematurely as well.

We need to understand that as we age,the cells in our bodies and the organs are ageing as well.If they are not put to use by actively participating in activities of daily living (ADL). The cells get worn out and are unable to bring out new cells this way, we are dying daily and at a faster rate as a result of inactivity.

Here are some of the ADL (activities of daily living):walking, shaving, eating, bathing, excercise etc. Seniors should be encouraged to do these activities daily with as much independence as possible. Irrespective of the category that the senior falls under:
dependent senior.semi-dependent and the fully independent senior.

Most seniors are left to seat all through the day or to be in their room and in bed all through the day. We are not helping them to remain alive that way, rather we are fast tracking their death day. We must ensure we bring them back to their normal life as much as possible.

The question is, what does he or she love doing most? what are their hobbies? what gives them joy and fulfillment? If you can get the answers to the questions above,then you can surely help to bring out the best in them. For example, he or she loves playing football, or loves drawing, cooking, sewing clothes, writing or teaching. He or she must be encouraged to get involved in these activities and by so doing they are active and will still live a productive and fulfilled lives.

A senior can still be very useful to themselves,the family and the community. They can still be that mentor or hero that every one is looking upto and admire and wants to listen to. We need to create time for them. We need to listen to them,we need to show them love and make them know that they are still needed around. Most seniors are neglected and no one seems to care. They still have talents within them that we all need to harness and take advantage of. If we don’t, they will die with all those beautiful qualities that could have been put to use and we will regret it at the end of the day.Imagine a brilliant senior that could have passed knowledge down to the upcoming generation if he or she while still alive and opportuned to do so. The wisdom and the experience of their days will help our own generation to do things the right way.
We will as well learn from their own mistakes to avoid such. That the senior cannot talk anymore does not mean that he or she is no longer useful, encourage writing. The senior can no longer see, encourage talking, teaching, singing and dancing and so on. You have to be creative.

We have seen seniors that are still very useful and active.They still play games, sing, dance, interact with friends, participate actively in their community.Some still do business,teach adults and children,cook for the entire house, decorate the house, water the garden, draw, paint, write and offer high quality services such as barbing for others, baking, farming etc. They are still role models and have received awards for being very active and useful to the society even at old age.

We at Rockgarden Homecare agency have highly skilled,trained and experienced individuals who understand the seniors and will ensure we bring out the best in them. We understand the challenges seniors have especially when they have conditions such as dementia, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, just to mention a few coupled with mobility issues. Some of them have multiple conditions affecting them and this makes it somewhat challenging to families to know how to care for them. We are ready to help.

We are ready to discuss with family members to see the best ways to ensure they still live a productive and fulfilled live. We have been helping seniors to bring out the best in them and we are very delighted to do the same for your loved one. We give you the best of homecare service.

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