Abimbola Owolawashe is a highly motivated and accomplished individual with a graduate degree in Literature in English from Obafemi Awolowo University. With several years of experience in Client relations and services, Abimbola has established herself as a professional in the industry.

One of Abimbola’s notable strengths is her commitment to customer satisfaction and retention, which is crucial in building strong relationships and ensuring clients’ continued loyalty. She is consistently keen on handling enquiries, addressing complaints, and providing lasting solutions to clients’ concerns. She utilizes her strong organizational skills and attention to detail to drive optimal results and maintain high-quality standards.

Furthermore, Abimbola has a deep-rooted passion for working in a care home environment. She is driven by her desire to contribute to the well-being and happiness of individuals needing care and support. Currently serving as the Client Service Manager of Rockgarden Homes, she applies her expertise in management and customer satisfaction-focused approach to ensure the residents receive the highest quality care and attention they deserve.

Abimbola’s passion for working in care homes has led her to excel as the Client Service Manager of Rockgarden Homes, where she positively impacts the lives of those in her care.