In-home Physical

Holistic In-home Physical Therapy approach that is second to none

Whether your issues are recent or long standing, related to an accident, injury or from a chronic health issue, Rockgarden Homecare Agency rehabilitation specialists can help.  We help you to manage your symptoms through a holistic approach, making sure you can continue to enjoy life to the fullest.

Our highly-skilled rehabilitation specialists collaborate to develop an individualized and evidence-based rehab plan that fits your style of living. Our specialists understand the individual needs of each client on their road to wellness.

Depending upon your condition, your rehabilitation plan may include but not limited to:
  • Physiotherapy services, including:

    • Functional mobility and gait training
    • Active and passive exercises to improve or restore range of motion, physical strength, flexibility, co-ordination, balance and endurance
    • Treatment to relieve pain
    • Advice on the use of assistive ambulatory devices.
    • Client and caregiver training and education
    • Community integration activities

  • Occupational Therapy Services, including:

    • Re-training in activities of daily living
    • Exercises and grade activities to improve strength and range of motion
    • Co-ordination and dexterity activities
    • Advice on the use of orthosis, prosthesis or assistive/adaptive devices to maintain or improve ADL performances
    • Advice on occupational ergonomics
    • Home assessment and recommendations on home modification
    • Client and caregiver training and education
    • Wheelchair and seating assessment
    • Community integration activities

 We shall offer either active or supportive rehabilitation services to the client depending on the client’s rehabilitation potential. The goal of active rehabilitation is to restore and maximize the client’s function and independence in the home setting, while the goal of supportive rehabilitation is to maintain or minimize further deterioration of functional abilities. Our Rehabilitation services are led by registered Therapists.

Our certified therapists work as a team with the aim of providing highly-focused care to help your recovery, guiding you through the healing process and back to a state of wellness.

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