Elderly Care: The Essence of Good Hygiene


The elderly are susceptible as their immune system is no longer what it should be.

Due to ageing or a medical condition, they can easily be infested with a disease.

This is why it is very important that they keep good hygiene.

It is important that the senior take their bath daily and it should be well done.

All parts of their bodies must be thoroughly washed and clean.

Perineal care must be done the proper way.

Diapers must be removed and soiled clothes and bed sheets as well.

Grooming must not be skipped.

Ensure the hair is brushed, finger and toe nails must always be trimmed.

The teeth must be brushed thoroughly.

Regular hand wash must be done.

Ensure that they put on clean clothes and their rooms must be well swept and well ventilated.

Ensure social distancing is maintained and facemask is used.

All surfaces such as table surface, door handles and dusty surfaces must be kept clean always.

Doing these things will ensure that the seniors are protected from germs all the time.

Good hygiene ensures that seniors live healthy and live longer without which the reverse occurs.

They must eat balanced diet and well nourished food.

Ensure they drink clean water and stay in a clean and safe environment always.

Educate them always about the need to keep good hygiene and not to skip having their bath, brushing their teeth, grooming and to always observe hand wash and social distance procedures.

We want them to be healthy and happy.

It is our joint responsibility to ensure they do.

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