Understanding the aging process

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Aging is a normal part of human life. Though it is very normal, it is also very different in every individual and that is why it’s very important to understand the aging process.

Aging process depends greatly on a combination of these factors; genetic, state of health such as an underlying illness and environmental factors such as life experiences, available support systems, coping skills.

Knowing that every one has his or her own unique genetic makeup and environment and also understanding an individual’s state of health which interacts with each other, helps us to understand why the aging process can occur at such different times and rate in different people.

As aging progresses, most aged people become less active or physically impaired, degenerative changes takes place almost in all the systems such as brain, cardio vascular system, respiratory system musculo skeletal system exposing the elderly people to a greater degree of physical illnesses.

As a person ages, sensory functions such as hearing, vision, touch, taste, and smell deteriorate. Hearing and vision losses are often more upsetting, because they directly affect the person’s ability to perform day today activities, threaten the bodily safety, and distort communication and they develop dependency.

At this age they have very weak immune system which makes them fall sick more often. Most of them have probably lost their partners and are retired with little or no money to spend on medications, all of this often cause old people to feel lonely and depressed. Due to lack of adequate financial support they feel they are burden to their family members and sometimes don’t want to live any longer due to all these. Some common psychological problems found in old aged people are Mood disorders, Dementia, Memory loss etc.

Understanding this process is very important because it can help as a guide or pointer for you when dealing with an aged person thereby helping you to know when to get medical help or support for your aged one.

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