Which elderly care service can you get in Nigeria?

Which elderly care service can you get in Nigeria


Wondering which elderly care service you can get for your aged parents or relatives?You have aged parents, spouses, or loved ones that you would like to give the best care to, however, the daunting task is, where do you start from, what kind of care do you give to them that will increase the quality of their life and improve their overall health?

The elderly ones deserve care that is tailored just for them. They should never have to worry about being mistreated when left with total strangers who may not share similar interests or ideas on how best to provide the much-needed care and attention to them. You don’t need to do a hard search before finding stories of people who had gone through different levels of poor experiences, the only mistake they made was leaving their senior family members or parents in the wrong hands. 

Perhaps, you even prefer that all care, attention, and support should be provided to them right in the comfort of their home, or you are tired of using house-help who has given you several frustrating experiences.

The question here is, are there home care service providers, that can be trusted with your loved ones, not just for companionship, but all-round physical, mental and emotional well-being of your parents or relatives? In this article, I will be sharing with you;

What are aged or elderly care services available in Nigeria?

It is estimated that by 2050, Nigeria will have the world’s third-largest elderly population. As the population ages, the need for elderly care services will only continue to grow. Aged or elderly care services are designed to meet the unique needs of older adults. These services can include everything from in-home care to assisted living facilities. In Nigeria, elderly care services are provided by both government and private organizations. In some cases as well, families privately plan and organize the best care for their loved ones.

Government provides elderly care services through the National elderly Care policy. This policy was created to improve the lives of older Nigerians. The policy provides elderly care services such as home care, daycare, and respite care. It also offers financial assistance to families who are caring for elderly relatives. In addition to government-sponsored programs, many private organizations provide aged or elderly care services in Nigeria. These organizations offer a variety of services, including home health care, hospice care, and skilled nursing care. With so many options available, there is sure to be an elderly care service that meets your loved one’s needs.

Who qualifies to provide elderly care?

Let’s explore, from the definition of elderly care, who can actually provide it and what qualifies you to be able to provide such service. Elderly care, also known as senior care, is the term used to describe the various services and assistance that are available to seniors. There is a wide range of elderly care services that can be provided in-home, in assisted living facilities, or in nursing homes. These services can include anything from help with activities of daily living such as bathing and dressing to more comprehensive medical care. While some seniors may only need occasional assistance with activities of daily living, others may require more comprehensive elderly care services daily.

There are a variety of professional caregivers who can provide elderly care services. Home care aides, for example, can provide basic assistance with activities of daily living such as feeding and dressing. Licensed practical nurses can provide more comprehensive medical care, while registered nurses can provide even more complex medical care. Social workers can also provide elderly care services and can help connect seniors to community resources and support services. Ultimately, the type of elderly care that a senior needs will depend on their situation and needs.

Which elderly care type is in Nigeria?

Several different types of elderly care are available in Nigeria. These include home care, respite care, physical therapy, and nursing home care. Home care is typically the most affordable option, as it allows seniors to remain in their own homes while receiving the necessary assistance with activities of daily living. Respite care provides temporary relief for caregivers, and can be used on an as-needed basis. Daycare can be a good option for seniors who need assistance during the day but can return home at night. Finally, nursing home care is the most comprehensive type of care and is typically reserved for seniors who require around-the-clock assistance.

2 two shocking facts about why elderly care is important even in Nigeria.

Despite the growth in-home care service for the aged or senior population as they are also widely referred to and the projected growth in the population of the retired and aged ones, there are still some basic challenges that you have to critically consider if you are shopping for a preferred home care service provider.

A recent study shows that less than 50% of senior Nigerians have access to quality and affordable health care services.


The same report also showed that a whopping 70% of the total elderly population in Nigeria are living below the poverty line. This means that they have to fend for themselves without any form of social security net.

With these findings, it is safe to say that the aged or senior population in Nigeria is largely neglected, and this is one of the major reasons why elderly care services are so important.

Elderly care services can help to address some of the challenges that seniors face. By assisting with activities of daily living, transportation, and medical care, elderly care services can help seniors to live independently and with dignity. Additionally, elderly care services can help to connect seniors to community resources and support services. Ultimately, elderly care services can make a big difference in the lives of seniors and can help them age gracefully.


Aged or elderly care services are crucial for the health and well-being of seniors in Nigeria. The right aged or elderly care provider can ensure that your loved one receives the best possible care. If you’re looking for an aged or elderly care service in Nigeria, be sure to get a free consultation from us first. We’ll help you find the perfect assistance and support plan that is not only pocket friendly but also tailored to your needs. Click Here to get started